A Whole New World

Recently, I feel as though my eyes have been opened widely.  I joined Twitter mostly out of boredom (can we all remember being snowed in for a few weeks this past winter??).  I don’t personally know a lot of folks on Twitter, but I knew there was a lot of buzz surrounding the site.  I thought it was actually quite pointless – seemed like a site where you only posted a Facebook status (and hey, who doesn’t already have one of those?).  I’d been dragging my feet on jumping onto the Twitter bandwagon.  However, cabin fever will make you do things you don’t normally do.  Maybe I was craving more connections to the outside world as my house seemed to be getting smaller as the days passed.

After joining, I connected with a few people I knew from real life and also thought it might be fun to follow some celebrity tweeps just for kicks.  I still wasn’t quite sold on the idea of Twitter at that point.  Then I happened to notice that one of my instructional technology professors was on Twitter, so I  decided to follow her (@teresacoffman).  That’s when my education world started to open up.  I began following anyone she retweeted and it snowballed from there. I realized how wrong my first impressions were and began seeing the real power of Twitter.

I have learned so much about education and technology integration in just the past few weeks.  I’ve been able to share resources with teachers back at my school (and even show the TRT a few sites she hadn’t heard of yet).  There’s been a new spark in my professional life – knowing that there are so many passionate educators out there (and networking with them) is empowering.  Even at a time when it seems as though education is being bashed left and right, there are so many of us out there fighting the good fight – knowing we are in this profession to help our students learn.

Inspiration hits me everyday because of the resources presented to me on Twitter from real-life teachers from all over the world.  I have a long list of projects and activities I want to try out with my students.  And heck, I’m even trying out this blog thing on my own.  I’ve had to keep a blog for grad school classes in the past – but now I want to keep one for myself in order to grow more as a teacher.

This is a big THANK YOU to all of the excellent educators I follow out there in the Twitterverse.  Keep being great and continue to inspire and touch many lives!