Scribble Maps = Awesome for SS

Scribble Map - Westward Expansion

What an awesome and timely find (again through Twitter)!  Scribble Maps allows you to write and mark on Google Maps and save your work.  I thought this would be a great activity to review Westward Expansion (a rather intensive, detailed unit).  The students got the hang of the activity rather quickly.  They were able to outline the territories and put a place marker with more detailed descriptions (click here to see the above picture in website mode).  I’m definitely looking forward to using the site again and also seeing where else it can be used!



Glogster Poster

Suffrage Glog

Glog on Suffrage Movement

Student created a poster on Glogster.

I found out about Glogster EDU through a few people on Twitter.  It is a fun (and free) Web 2.0 tool that allows students to create an online poster on just about anything!  They can add pictures, text and even videos to express themselves and the important content.  I tried out the activity with Social Studies for the Abolition and Suffrage unit.  Students loved it and wanted to use it more!  The room was buzzing with excitement and learning for the two day activity!  A few even created glogs on other topics outside of school (personal and other subject areas).


Graphic Organizer

Graphic Organizer for the story "Oceans"

I love using the software Kidspiration in my classroom.  It is a great piece of software to create graphic organizers for stories or for concepts we are studying in science and social studies.  Students are able to design their own web to show their understanding of a concept (and even elaborate on points, as well).  In addition to creating a web to organize their thoughts, they can add graphics and change the text and colors to stand out.

Another awesome use of Kidspiration is for math.  The software comes with a large number of pre-made mathematics activities.  Some of the wonderful activities include: fractions (equivalent, adding/subtracting, mixed numbers to improper), story problems, multiplication, division, and measurement.  All of the math activities have manipulatives that are extremely elementary-friendly!  The students absolutely love using the software – it is easy to use and helps them learn!