Geometry Scavenger Hunt

At the end of our geometry unit we planned a geometry scavenger hunt to review key vocabulary and concepts.  We created a large checklist of items from our unit (acute angle, parallelogram, pentagon, etc.).  The class was split into small groups with the goal of finding as many of the geometry items on the checklist as they could.  To  keep a record of what they found, each team was equipped with a digital camera.

Side bar: I realized we are in desperate need of a nice set of cameras at our school.  Currently we have a mixed bag set of 5.  One didn’t have a memory card, so that group quickly ran out of room to take pictures.  Three of the cameras ran out of batteries quickly (I had to carry batteries in both of my pockets).  Oh, and one of the cameras didn’t have the cord it needed.  Overall, it would be nice to have a decent set of 5 cameras (all the same model, good batteries, use the same USB cord).  I digress…

The kids loved being able to take pictures of everything they found on the scavenger hunt!  During lunch I loaded the pictures we had taken onto the computer.  When they got back from lunch we pulled up the pictures and had students guess what geometry terms were represented in the various pictures.  It lead to a great discussion and the majority of the terms we covered came up during the scavenger hunt.