One of my goals this year was to Skype with another class. I wanted to connect my students to other kids their age. We had the opportunity to Skype with two wonderful fourth grade classrooms.

The first class was from Ohio. We played a “Guess Where We Are From” game that the kids really enjoyed! We each gave clues to help the other class figure out where we were from. After we figured out where the other class was located we had a chance to ask some questions and learn about our different communities.

The second class was from Arizona. They are doing a “Skype Across America” project to help them with their study of US History. We got to represent Virginia! The students loved sharing about our state – places to visit, cool facts, etc. Now my students want to do a similar project next year when we study American History. We study the 8 Physical Regions of North America, and I think it would be awesome to Skype with classes in each region to describe what it’s like! So I may be calling on some volunteers when I start planning this summer! Let me know if you are interested in Skyping with us!


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