Taking the Lead

I’m making a big move this coming school year. I will be changing counties and position. My new role is Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT). I am extremely excited about the new opportunity! I’m fortunate to join an amazing group of ITRTs that embrace the term Professional Learning Community. They rely on each other to become better at the job by reading, discussing, researching and learning together. The team also has the right focus on INSTRUCTIONAL needs being met with technology tools. I look forward to learning a ton from them (and with them).

My first reading assignment since joining the team is “Taking the Lead” by JoEllen Killion and Cindy Harrison. The book covers the new roles for teacher leaders/coaches.

The big take-away from the book for me was the many different roles you play within one position. This requires quite a bit of knowledge and flexibility.

The 10 roles outlined were:

  1. Resource provider
  2. Data coach
  3. Instructional specialist
  4. Curriculum specialist
  5. Classroom supporter
  6. Learning facilitator
  7. Mentor
  8. School leader
  9. Catalyst for change
  10. Learner
This will be a HUGE learning year for me as I change counties and take on a new leadership role. But I am looking forward to the challenge! I’m thankful to have a supportive group of ITRTs and my PLN on Twitter to help me learn and grow!
Please leave a comment if you have any reading suggestions, resources or words of advice as I start this new journey!

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