Edcamp Cville 2012

Last week I attended the fabulous EdCamp Cville with my good friend and colleague KC.  It was a day full of great sessions, conversations and connections.  Here’s the rundown of the sessions I attended.

I started off the day with Flipping Your Classroom: Simple Options for Presenting Content lead by Diane Harding.  We picked this session to learn a bit more about flipping the classroom – which seems like one of the latest  buzzwords in education.  Part of the conversation focused on what tools could be used when flipping your classroom.  The last part of the session turned to questions such as: “Why would you want to flip your classroom?  What do you gain?  What do you lose?  How do you restructure your classroom?  How do you handle students without internet access?”  I enjoyed the last part because I am still leery of jumping on the flipped classroom bandwagon without evaluating whether it is good for student learning.  Still more to ruminate on with this session.

I decided to go to the 1:1 iPads in the Elementary Classroom because there’s a possibility we may be getting a cart of iPads at my school in the future and I know I have a lot to learn.  Peggy Riso, a 1st grade teacher in Albemarle, received a grant for a classroom set of iPads.  She shared about her journey of implementing the iPads with her primary students.  I loved that she focused on having students create content with the iPad instead of just being consumers of content and playing games.  If 1st graders can create awesome content, then older students can definitely do that as well!  Peggy has a blog called iPadding Along.  I hope she’ll continue to reflect and post on her experiences with her students.  You can check out my notes on apps & tips from the session here.

After lunch, I attended the Girls in STEM session with Kim Wilkens.  This session intrigued me because I actually started out in the Engineering School at UVA with plans to major in Computer Science, but changed my career path.  I’m also part of the STEM initiative on the ITRT team.  STEM is a big area of interest for me.  Kim had a great presentation that went through some interesting statistics and problems facing girls in STEM.  We brainstormed how we could change the world and get more girls involved in STEM.  Check out her wiki to see her Prezi and the Wallwishers we created.

The last session of the day was Publishing Online with Kids with Paula White.  Paula shared her two favorite sites for publishing online with kids (wikispaces & kidblog).  She went over management, safety and tips for using the sites with our students.  Her students are very active online and enjoy writing for an audience!  Lots of fantastic ideas shared!

I had such a wonderful day of learning at my 2nd EdCamp Cville.  I definitely left with my brain full of ideas!  Thanks to the organizers for another great event!



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