I’ve Been Missing You…

I’ve been asked quite a few times by various people, “So, do you like the new job as an ITRT?”  Overall, I think it’s been a great fit for me and had a fantastic year!  Not to be a Negative Nancy, but here are a few things that I’ve missed this past year:

  • My own set of kids.  Wow, I knew I’d miss the kids, but this was tough!  Not having my own community of learners to call my own was probably one of the hardest parts of the year.
  • A grade level team.  I miss having a close connection with the teachers on my grade level.  It’s difficult to be a “lone wolf” and not have a team at your building.
  • My old school.    Before becoming an ITRT, I worked at an awesome school with fabulous folks (admin, teachers, students).  It was hard to leave that environment that was home to me for many years.  (But, luckily I was placed at another great school with the new job.)
  • Recess.  OK, not that major, but I missed being able to get outside for part of my day.  I always enjoyed the fresh air and watching the kids play.

On the whole, the positives of the job have outweighed the things I missed and I’m happy with the change.  It’s been a refreshing change of pace and a good challenge to stretch me!


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