These are a few of my favorite things

As mentioned in my previous post, there were some things I missed in my transition out of the classroom. But I’ve also loved many aspects of being an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher. Here are some of my favorite parts of being an ITRT this past year:

  • Helping teachers integrate technology. The essence of the job was one of the best parts! 🙂 I love helping teachers use technology in their classrooms and working with their students as well.
  • Awesome ITRT Team. I am lucky to be part of such a great team! Working with these educators has been a blessing and I’ve learned so much from them.
  • Variety. My daily schedule was always different. I could be working with 1st grade in the morning and 5th grade in the afternoon. I also got to work with a ton of different teachers on a lot of different lessons/units/technology tools. The variety was a really refreshing change of pace.
  • Learning new tools. I had a lot of new tools that I needed to learn from switching counties.
  • Expanding myself as a teacher leader. Continued work on my leadership skills in working with teachers and providing professional development.
  • Online course development. I had the opportunity to work on a team that developed an online course for Teaching Gifted Learners. I’m also currently involved in a blended learning experience called The Teacher Leadership Academy. These opportunities have allowed me to apply some of the knowledge I gained from my graduate coursework in a real context.

One word to sum up my year as an ITRT: growth. I think I grew quite a bit in my knowledge, skills and leadership. It’s been a great challenge that I enjoy! I look forward to continued growth and focusing on being the best ITRT I can be to help improve student learning.


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