Google Apps for Education VA Summit Demo Slam

Demo Slam

The Demo Slam at the end of Day 1 was so much fun!  It was a high-energy way to share a wide-variety of geeky Google goodies.  Here’s the deal: each presenter had 3 minutes to showcase 1 cool thing about something with Google and after presenting they have to shout “SLAM!”  At the end, the audience had to vote for their favorite SLAM presentation.

Some of the top tricks I picked up:

  • Instant Street View – Type an address in this website and it will take you directly to the street view.  
  • Big G Black Bar Sorter – Let’s you customize the black bar at the top of the Google Page.  Rearrange the order to fit your needs!
  • Hello Sign – Sign a document without having to print, scan and email back!
  • Research Tool in Docs – You can do an image search for copyright free images, drag and drop it in your doc and it will give it an instant citation.
  • Doc Story Builder – Remember Google Search Stories?  It’s kinda like that but with a Doc.  Create a fun video by assigning different characters that type out stuff on a Google Doc.

The Demo Slam was so electric that the power actually went out for a few minutes.  It may have been related to that thunderstorm that was occurring  but I’m convinced we blew the circuits from too much awesomeness.



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