An Easy Start to Using Google Classroom

google classroom

This is our first year with Google Apps for Education (GApps) for students.  So it was really exciting to roll out GApps along with the brand new app Google Classroom.  I tried to promote how easy it was to get started and use Google Classroom to enhance student learning with the teachers at my schools.

One teacher was interested but definitely a little hesitant, so I suggested starting out by just posting videos that connect to math content they were learning.  She found some videos on YouTube that helped reinforce the learning objectives and posted them in Google Classroom.  Students were able to log on during centers or at home to watch the videos.  Here are a few screenshots that show how much the students appreciated another way to learn.  This has helped students (and their parents) with understanding some of the “new math methods.”  It was a nice entry point for the teacher to get comfortable with posting information in Google Classroom and engaging her students in a different way.

add fractions example




stem and leaf


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