Googlepalooza 2015

Yesterday I attended VSTE’s Googlepalooza with 3 other ITRT colleagues.  We enjoyed our day of learning!

Google Apps Logo 1

Here are a few quick highlights of the sessions I attended.

Stay Classy, Google!  Be an Anchorman With Hangouts on Air

Principal Elizabeth Mistretta and ITRT Jennifer Arey presented about how they use Google Hangouts on Air for their morning announcements.  While their focus was on how they did the morning announcements, there were many possibilities for how to use this tool in the classroom.  To learn more about Hangouts on Air, check out this site.

Getting the Basics about Google Drawing

Kat Staton did a nice overview of Google Drawing.  I feel like it’s one of those neglected, overlooked aspects of Google Drive.  But there are a ton of ways to integrate Google Drawings into the classroom!  Super cool tip: pre-made graphic organizers!


They had a sandbox/networking area set up at Googlepalooza.  I spent a little time here talking with folks about ideas we learned and plans for the future.

Putting the Pieces Together…Differently 

I enjoyed Jennifer Hendrick’s presentation on using Google tools to enhance instruction.  Her perspective was to start with what you already have in place and upgrade it to make it more interactive and engaging (and paperless).  Don’t reinvent the wheel, just tweak it.  This was an easy entry point for teachers to start utilizing digital tools.

Movin’ and Groovin’ with Movenote 

Movenote for Education is available in the Chrome Web Store.  I think of is as an app that allows you to use static images (jpeg, Slides, PPT, PDF) and capture webcam video of you talking about those images.  Ideas for use: having students explain their mathematical thinking, tell a story based on an image, students narrate a slideshow they created, student explaining a picture or poster they made, etc.

Check out this introduction video that shows how Movenote works:

Thank you VSTE for organizing and provided a great day of learning!


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